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Service: New residential construction cleaning
Dayna - The Real Estate Group
"John and Linda have nothing but great things to say about you and as you know they are very particular so I will refer your service whenever I can!! "

Residential Service: Interior wall repair and painting
Rosann - Springfield
"Paint job looks great. Thanks for getting it all done so quickly. "

Vehicle Service: detailing
Sarah - Springfield
"The van looks awesome! We are so happy with how clean it is. You did a wonderful job!"

Vehicle Service: detailing Rav-4, Highlander, Ford pick-up
Bob - Springfield
"Thank you for doing a great job on all our vehicles."

Vehicle Service: Vehicle detail - MarkVII
Ron - Petersburg
"The car looks fantastic, I can't tell you how impressed I am with the work you've done. I know how messy and swirled the clear coat was, and you did a great job bringing out the beauty of the car."

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Vehicle Service: detailing
Ross - Springfield
Attention 2 Detail detailed our Subaru shortly before we traded it in on a new vehicle.  The dealer’s used-car appraiser ranked our car as “Excellent; in the top three percent of all trade-in vehicles.”  We are absolutely certain the high trade-in value we received was due to the great job Brett did as part of his Bronze Detail package.

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